Sunday, March 01, 2015


Today started out lovely and bright but cold and breezy, now it is raining, cold and breezy! Oh well, at least the sun shone for a few hours!

20150301-01 This has happened twice in the last two weeks. Both times my pea, radish, and spring onion seed trays have been tumbled forward. This time around, the peas weren't too badly disturbed so I have left them particularly as some of the dislodged compost revealed that they are beginning to sprout! Only two radishes survived the first upending and this time, as with the peas, I can see that they have started to sprout. Let's hope they survive! Unfortunately, the brussels sprouts and spring onions didn't survive the first upending, and although I sowed another lot of spring onions, they were completely upended again the second time around so I have given up on them temporarily. I've now tied some garden twine around the tree and bush on either side of the grow rack and it passes across the front at the top so I'm hoping this is enough to stop it falling forward!

Seeing as today is the first day of March and March is the real beginning of the sowing season, I couldn't resist! I've sown four different varieties of lettuce and some carrots. The carrots are Paris Market 5 (Atlas) and are a round variety rather than long and I will be growing them in a container. The lettuce are Butterhead - All The Year Round; Little Gem; Lollo Rossa and Mixed Lettuce Leaves. I'm planning to do a bunch of successional sowings every few weeks so hopefully I will have a good supply throughout the summer.

The other seeds I sowed a couple weeks ago are doing well! Two of the three cucumbers have leapt out of the soil although there is no sign of the third. I've already moved the cukes to little pots of their own. Two of the Sweet Colour Spectrum peppers have sprouted and the day after I said I was going to give up on the Razzamatazz chillies, two sprouted and there is the merest hint that a third is also on the way!


20150301-03The tomatoes are continuing to do well and I have separated one lot into separate pots. Must do the same for the second lot soon.

And now the rain has stopped and the sun is shining again!

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