Sunday, April 26, 2015

And so it begins...

Yesterday, Graham and I did a bit of digging and weed clearing.


We went back today and dug over the same section again as the overnight rain had made the ground a bit softer. Graham also started to dig out the weeds from the next section I want to tackle.


Looks a bit like a grave...

I've put some weed suppressant down but in a classic case of you get what you pay for, it ain't much cop when it's from the Pound Shop! Lesson learned, pay more and get decent stuff! I think I will spray the rest of the weeds so that by the time we get to the digging, it should be a bit easier. There is a lot of couch grass plus loads of dandelions and buttercups - lots of tough roots... The pristine plots surrounding us give me hope that we can turn ours into a lovely veggie growing plot.


Still we've made a start, not bad for two fat, unfit, old 50 somethings! ;-)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here 'tis!

Here it is in all its weedy glory!


I'm planning to head down there later today to start the digging/weeding process. The weeds mostly look like dandelions, buttercups and maybe dock which I think means the soil is acidic so good for most veggies.

It also looks like it is clay so will need compost and muck added to it. Only problem at the moment is that it's rock hard because it's been such a dry spring so far. Can you believe I'm looking forward to this weekend's predicted rain?

Oh what a difference a new perspective can make. :-)

Also, first harvest from the back garden pots - radishes!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Got one!

Well, half of one! An allotment, that is!

Got the letter from the council this morning and have emailed to say I'll take it. The Council aren't open on Saturdays of course.

I haven't seen it yet but even if it is a right royal mess, it is only a half plot so I'm sure I can manage it.

I'll post a photo once I've been down there.

Excited much?